Balance of Primary Colors in Modern Living Room

A balance of primary colors creates a modern look that's bursting with color and texture.

Neutral Southwestern Sitting Room With Orange Accents

The neutral walls of this sitting room are brought to life with the dark, beautiful colors present in the rug, seat cushions and throw pillows. The orange cushions add interest to the the tan armchair, and the same orange is echoed in a nearby throw pillow. A pair of thin matching chairs flank the fireplace.

Thin Mediterranean-Style Chair

This small wooden chair makes a bold statement in a neutral living room. The Mediterranean-style frame adds a textural element to the space, while the blue patterned upholstery adds color.

Photo By: Sunny Merry

Unique Twisted Metal Light Fixture

This unique light fixture casts small spots of light into the room through small triangular openings. The metal panels twist around, echoing flower petals.

Photo By: Sunny Merry

Moroccan-Inspired Sitting Room With Bold Orange Wall

This beautiful, classy sitting room takes inspiration from Moroccan style by mixing bright, warm tones with darker colors and neutrals. An orange wall creates an eye-catching background for the navy sofa adorned with turquoise pillows and a purple throw. Neutral horseshoe-shaped chairs coordinate with the area rug, completing the look.

Orange Accent Wall Wows in Moroccan Sitting Room

A bright orange accent wall fits beautifully with the Moroccan-inspired design in this sitting room. A navy sofa creates contrast against the orange wall, while an area rug adds pattern and color to the space. Two neutral horseshoe-shaped chairs feature orange accents, fitting well into the color scheme.

Vintage Bar With Pin-Up Girl Wallpaper

A tucked-away niche in the San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2014, Dad's Honey Hole is designer Sunny K. Merry's nod to the private bar of days gone by. Inspired by a veteran of foreign walls, the room includes wallpaper depicting pin-up girls, an Art Deco-era mirror from Paris and a Japanese puffer fish pendant light.

Solid Colored Furniture With Round Striped Area Rug

By using a solid colored sofa and coffee tables, the bold patterns of the round area rug and throw pillows balance out this primary color scheme living room.

About Sunny Merry

Sunny was born in Texas and raised in San Francisco. She has lived in Japan, London and Antwerp, these experiences shaped her eclectic and colorful style. Read More