Contemporary Condo With a View

Designer Tara Benet showcases stunning Manhattan views in this beautifully streamlined New York City apartment, complete with a custom-made built-in shelf and sleek modern art.
Contemporary Urban Living Room

Contemporary Urban Living Room

Photo courtesy of Marili Forastieri

Photo courtesy of Marili Forastieri

White walls, pops of color and extra-special touches make this condo the perfect contemporary home for a family in the city.

Describe the homeowner's wish list.

This condo has amazing views of Manhattan, including Central Park, so we wanted furnishings that didn't obstruct the views. The fixtures and pieces are all streamlined, modern and airy. A geometric pillow, zigzag throws and an arched lamp echo the city.

What was the biggest issue the design addressed?

A large modular wall unit adds weight to the space which would otherwise feel too sparse. It also contains electronics and objects without cluttering the rest of the living area.

Contemporary Condo Living

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Room With a View

To make the gorgeous view of Manhattan, including Central Park, the highlight of the apartment, minimal design was the primary goal for designer Tara Benet. White walls and clean lines keep the space simple and chic.

Creative Lighting

The living room ceiling only had a socket for a single chandelier. Sculptural, high-wattage lamps add light but continue with the minimal design that the homeowners loved.

Weighty Wall Unit

In an effort to keep the living room clutter free and to add some visual weight to the space, a large wall unit was installed. A few shelves of gray add interest and depth to the otherwise all-white living room.

Details, Details, Details

Details like the geometric pillow and zigzag throw contribute life to the room, while fur accents on the chairs bring in warmth. A simple office space takes full advantage of the gorgeous view of the city.

Color Pops

Set against a bright white background, colorful details such as a stack of books, vibrant pink painting and gorgeous green accessories make a beautiful contrast and add extra personality to the space.

Fresh Accents

Bold brushstrokes in a vivid color make a dramatic statement while still adhering to the clean, minimal design style showcased in this contemporary home. Architectural plants, such as the green calla lillies featured here, offer the perfect balance of strength and elegance.

Unexpected Art

A playful glass sculpture offers a whimsical touch to the streamlined, white coffee table.

Contemporary Meets Traditional

A show-stopping Calacatta marble dining table is a luxurious addition to the contemporary home. A conical chandelier mimics the tablescape below, creating beautiful symmetry.

A Separate Space

A soft rug is added to the dining area to create a feeling a separation, while the surrounding modern art helps to give the space its own personality, independent from but complimentary to the rest of the condo.

Space-Conscious Kids' Room

The airy, streamlined design is carried out even in the kids' room, where a modern bunkbed takes advantage of the small space.

Casual Kitchen

Similar to but not matching the dining room set, a simple white kitchen table offers the perfect place to relax and enjoy more casual meals.


Since the condo is designed to showcase the city from every space, the homeowners can take in the unbelievable view any time of day in this contemporary kitchen, whether they're enjoying an early breakfast or prepping a late-night snack.

Describe an obstacle in the space.

Besides one socket for the chandelier, the ceiling had no built-in lights, and we were unable to chisel into the ceiling to add more lights. We had to do sculptural, high-wattage floor lamps that would adequately light the space without subtracting from the minimal design.

How did the end result match your original vision?

I love the way it turned out. I did the clients' last apartment, which was much smaller. We brought the sofa and rug with us, so we worked from there. The Calacatta marble dining table was an amazing addition.

What lesson did you take away from this project?

I added a lot of fur to this project to warm it up so it didn't feel cold! High contrast adds drama to minimal spaces.

What are the hidden gems that make a big difference?

The small details include the fur chairs by B&B Italia, the geometric throw pillow (which ties in the darks and lights of the room) and marble – both the dining table and credenza.

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