Gorgeous Brick Pavilion and Water Feature in Sunny Garden With Wisteria and Iron Decor

A peaked pavilion roof lined with wisteria frames the water structure in the back of the garden for a beautiful tunnel view. Lanterns are mounted on the brick columns are practical and perfectly suited to the storybook look. Wrought iron furniture and a glass table offer a relaxing outdoor dining option.

Photo By: Kenny Collins, The Collins Group, Inc.

Red Brick Pavilion With Slate Roof, Gravel Walkway and Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture

Thin trees hug the red brick columns of this garden pavilion. A pointed roof shades the stone tile floor and black wrought iron furniture. A gravel walkway leading to the pavilion is framed with a brick border making a clean and organized line against the grass.

Photo By: Kenny Collins, The Collins Group, Inc.

Whimsical Garden With Brick Water Fountain Structure, Gravel and Concrete Yard Frame and Black Wrought Iron Seating

Thick plant and tree life gives a lush surrounding to this peaceful garden. Brick structures add beautiful red tones against the natural plant colors. A large brick water features several spouts and a pool with concrete topped bench seating. Black wrought iron furniture creates an area to relax and enjoy the scene.

Photo By: Kenny Collins, The Collins Group, Inc.

Distressed Wooden Garden Gate on Decorative Red Brick Columns With Large Mounted Lanterns

This gorgeous gate is a perfect aesthetic fit to the surrounding cottage garden as well as a functional entrance for the outdoor space. The distressed finish works with the whimsical look. The green shade allows it to be a focal point while still blending with the general color scheme of the natural hues around it.

Photo By: Kenny Collins, The Collins Group, Inc.

Wisteria Framed Garden Pavilion With Lantern Lights Mounted on Brick Columns and Wrought Iron Chairs

Wisteria travels up the brick columns and frames the roof peak of this garden pavilion giving a beautiful fairytale feel to the sunny space. Dark copper lanterns are mounted on the pavilion to provide nighttime lighting without breaking the image of the design. Wrought iron furniture creates a lovely outdoor sitting and dining space.

Photo By: Kenny Collins, The Collins Group, Inc.

Brick Pavilion With Wisteria Framed Peaks, Garden and Weathered Gate

The weathered-finish gate serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose to the space. It creates a dramatic focal point as well as a practical entrance for staging of events. Wisteria frames the peaks of the pavilion, giving it a storybook quality that fits well with the beautiful flower garden and the structure's cottage feel. In an effort to maintain a seamless span, the wooden beams used in the timber frame we hollowed out and reinforced with steel.

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