Dramatic Living Room Design

This show stopping living room design creates the feeling of a larger space by using the stripes to draw the eye upward. Black and white walls add a sense of whimsy while creating a bold, daring statement. Beautiful, custom gray sofas draw frame the room and create a focal point of the fireplace that is defined by a black mantel with a white, marble slab inlay that adds softness to the room's design. Finally, a long, dramatic chandelier hangs eight feet from the floor to finish the space with a feeling of intimacy and warmth.

Stylish, Renovated Powder Room

This small space is spiced up with custom, laser cut marble flooring and luxurious, champagne colored wallpaper, while the rustic gray sink with a white marble countertop grounds the space.

Bright, Open, Updated Foyer

This inviting foyer welcomes guests into a bright open living room that is dripping in character. White wainscoting lines the walls, while metallic foil gray silver cork wallpaper add a touch of color to the niches and the ceiling. A subtle custom bench hugs the walls with a dark blue and gold fabric adding seating to the space. Finally, a custom marble medallion sets the tone for the rest of the home.

Updated Family Room

A grand, custom leather sectional defines this family room, emphasizing the beauty of the design. Black linen drapes accented with gold studs drip from the windows and help frame the space. Dark wood floors add richness and depth, while a light-neutral rug brightens up the room and creates a foundation for the room.

Renovated Metallic Laundry Room

Dark wallpaper with subtle gray and metallic pattern creates drama in this space. Dark cabinets with chrome fixtures mimic the wallpaper, while the red washer and dryer add a pop of color.

Updated, Glamorous Dining Room

The dining room renovation created a space where contemporary, clean lines meet a hint of tradition and glamour. The walls are lined with a lustrous dark wall paper embellished with a subtle pattern and crystal bead accents. The windows emphasize the glamour in the space with shimmering drapery that adds a sense of depth to the design. The furnishings complete the dramatic look by adding to the elegance and beauty of the newly renovated space.

Navy and Pink Playroom

The beautiful navy sofa accompanied by lustrous vinyl gray ottoman creates a neutral base for this playroom to come to life. Bursts of hot pink throughout the space-from the artwork to the accessories-bring in a lively, feminine feel, while orange zigzag poufs bring out the orange accents in the artwork, adding to the dimension of the room.

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