Renovated Midcentury Eichler Exudes Fun, Colorful Style

To make this iconic Eichler-style home move-in ready for her family, Pamela Lin of Urbanism Designs brightened and opened the interior with white walls and large windows. Colorful, midcentury accessories nod to the home's past throughout while setting a fun tone for the new residents.

Photo By: Encarnacion Photography

Photo By: Encarnacion Photography

Photo By: Encarnacion Photography

Photo By: Jessica Makes Studio

Photo By: Jessica Makes Studio

Photo By: Jessica Makes Studio

Photo By: Encarnacion Photography

Photo By: Jessica Makes Studio

Photo By: Jessica Makes Studio

Photo By: Urbanism Designs

Photo By: Jessica Makes Studio

Photo By: Jessica Makes Studio

Photo By: Jessica Makes Studio

Photo By: Jessica Makes Studio

Photo By: Jessica Makes Studio

Photo By: Jessica Makes Studio

Photo By: Jessica Makes Studio

Midcentury Home With Private Courtyard

Stepping through a bold red door leads visitors into a private courtyard, where weatherproof chairs and a fire pit create a comfortable outdoor sitting area. Stone paths surround the vignette, offering a rich contrast to the wood deck.

Courtyard Includes Stone Surround

Comprised of clean lines and encircled by smooth stones, this modern courtyard feels zen and invites quiet reflection. Small trees layer the landscape as well, giving the space a touch of greenery and shade.

Layers of Clean Lines

Overhead, two metal beams run parallel to each other and create a clear line of sight from the courtyard to the home's interior. Subsequently, the two living spaces feel connected, which makes the property seem larger and more open.

Sitting Area With Chic Furniture

Thanks to their metallic trim, these neutral chairs positively shimmer in the afternoon sunlight. Just beyond the sitting area, a sliding door opens right into the kitchen, making entertaining and alfresco dining easier than ever.

Living Room Boasts Colorful Accents

Inside, tall ceilings, white walls and floor-to-ceiling glass windows create an airy and open living room. A grey sectional invites visitors to stretch out, while a bright yellow area rug and teal chairs set a playful tone that carries through the rest of the home.

Midcentury Buffet Meets Unexpected Art

Opposite the sectional, funky artwork and a large TV make for easy entertaining. A long buffet table below provides storage for favorite films, as well as adds to the home's midcentury character.

Modern Open-Concept Dining Room

With a green accent wall and four wire-backed stools in teal, this modern kitchen doesn't shy away from color. A large island sits front and center for quick meal prep and cleanup while still complementing the sleek modern appliances.

Sprightly Green Kitchen Backsplash

Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery, makes a sprightly addition to this modern kitchen. Set against warm wood cabinets, the energetic hue easily uplifts the whole room.

Midcentury Display With Teal Accents

Taking a left past the kitchen leads guests right into the dining room. Here, another midcentury buffet displays the family's favorite items, with geometric prints and teal accents adding period-appropriate color and charm.

Eclectic & Fun Dining Room

To keep the formal dining room from feeling too serious, the designers surrounded the sophisticated, marble-topped table with chairs in vibrant shades of red. A cowhide rug softens the tile floor and gives the space fun, eclectic flair.

Floor-to-Ceiling Bookcase

A floor-to-ceiling bookcase not only accentuates the room's height, but also provides essential storage space for novels and accessories. At the same time, a midcentury pendant light keeps the room airy and bright.

Large Windows For Natural Light

On the other side of the room, a large sliding glass door allows natural light to filter inside. In turn, the space looks illuminated and spacious from morning to night.

Family Room Includes Eames Chair, Piano

Down the hall, a family room with a coral-colored sofa and Eames chair provides comfortable seating for parents and kids. A large piano sits in the corner for leisurely play, while a large white area rug completes the space.

Classic Black Eames Chair

A midcentury home wouldn't be complete without its own Eames chair, right? Here, the classic black and wood lounger offers extra seating and encourages visitors to lean back and take it easy.

Bright Hues & Patterned Pillows

Pillows in mixed prints pack this contemporary sofa with visual interest. At the same time, a large wall hanging draws the eye up and provides a touch of contrasting color.

Master Room Boasts Lively Hues

Those bold hues extend into the master bedroom, where an orange bed frame and multi-colored pillows enliven an otherwise neutral palette. A white faux-fur rug below keeps the floors soft and warm.

Family Photos & Graphic Artwork

To give the room a personal touch, the designers surrounded the bed with family photos and artwork. A large graphic print in blue anchors the wall and brings the best out in the orange bed frame and yellow accents.

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