Eclectic Bedroom With Reclaimed Wood Accents

Reclaimed wood pieces from across the globe are balanced by soft, French-inspired textiles. Window coverings consist of printed linen cornice boards. The gates on the walls are decorated with original oil paintings of water reflections. The chandelier is made from reclaimed wood from an 1820s farmhouse in Maine and incorporates many inspirations: east and west, old and new, artistry and durability.

Eclectic Bedroom With Wood Finishes

This bedroom has Balinese-inspired carved wood decorations that give it an eclectic feel. The blue accents provide the room with a pop of color and make it an interesting, inviting space.

Bedside Lamp with Red Linen Drum Shade

Natural fibers, floral prints and distressed wood combine in this tropical-inspired bedroom. While the space is filled with natural light during the day, a bedside lamp with a red linen drum shade provides both light and style day and night.


Wood Bedroom Dresser With Pale Blue Chair

A relaxing sanctuary is created that reflects a well-travelled life in this traditional bedroom. Reclaimed wood pieces from across the globe like this dresser are balanced by soft, French-inspired textiles like the pale blue chair and accompanying pillow.

Eclectic Bedroom Mirror With Casual, Coastal Decor

This bedroom design by Vanessa Helmick uses eclectic and coastal decor to provide a rustic feel. The distressed and whitewashed frame on the full-length mirror and planter of reclaimed wood help reinforce the casual and comfortable ambiance. A potted orchid, seashells and coral fans provide accents to complement the theme.

About Vanessa Helmick

Vanessa Helmick, Fiore's principal designer, has worked as an interior designer since 2005 with a focus on residential interiors. Her interior design work has been featured in several magazines, newspapers and television features throughout New England.