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Flip through recent pics from Chris + Peyton's backyard renovations.

Backyard And White and Red Covered Patio

A covered patio provides a relaxing outdoor space and shade from the sun.

Multicolored Backyard with Grill and Gardening Space

This cheery backyard features a stainless steel grilling area complete with ample countertop space for food preparation and serving. Brightly painted screens holding garden tools are attached to the wood fence, while clay pots are organized on multiple shelves.

Vibrant Chartreuse Back Porch With Open Entrance

Cool off from the summer's heat with this chartreuse covered porch. An open entrance and yellow patio furniture create a welcoming spot to sit and relax.

Backyard Log Cabin With Adirondack Chairs

Seek shelter from sun and rain in this charming outdoor cabin. Rustic Adirondack chairs provide a place to rest your feet and relax.

Backyard Movie Theater

Miss the experience of seeing flicks at the drive-in? Bring movies to your backyard instead. A projector, screen and surround sound are all you need in the AV department, and theater seats evoke the feeling of the multiplex.

Backyard with Chalkboard and Yard Games

A small, well-manicured plot of grass is the perfect spot for outdoor games for family gatherings. A chalkboard offers a spot to keep score.

Photo By: Jamie Rector ©2011, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Back Patio With Stepping Stones and Wicker Chairs

This backyard makeover features a lounge area complete with stepping stones, a dining area, hanging chairs and a canvas fence for added privacy.

Large Pergola With Tiki Bar

Create a tropical escape in your own backyard with this bamboo tiki bar. A contemporary pergola keeps you cool on those hot, sunny days.

Colorful Deck With Bench Seating

Bench seating with comfy outdoor throw pillows provides tons of seating on this eclectic deck. A red accent wall, along with large colorful vases and beautiful plants, makes the space an inviting place, perfect for parties.

Large Outdoor Dining Area With a View

Dual pergolas flank a small pool where guests can relax. A dining table with a romantic purple table setting sets the mood for a fun meal with family and friends.

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